Commissioner’s Comments

Sunday, May 3, 2020 — 11:00 a.m.


Back in January, the 2020 season was planned to begin on Tuesday, May 5 (see Schedule section). Obviously, with the country and the world dealing with the ongoing and unprecedented COVID-19 situation, we’re all taking things literally day-by-day coping with the great unknown, and the season is clearly not starting on that date.

As a league we will, of course, strictly adhere to and support all town, state, and federal guidelines, mandates, and decisions, and make the necessary TBD adjustments to our schedule and season as will be required. We will subsequently communicate that new information, once determinations have been made and there’s new news to report, via each teams’ coaches and this website.

Until then, please stay safe and be very vigilant with social distancing.

Online Registration 

For those returning and new (subject to open available roster spots) players interested in playing, head on over to the Registration page.

NOTE: For the best experience when registering and paying — and to avoid any potential issues — please do NOT use Microsoft Internet Explorer. Instead, use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Edge instead.

Kevin Geary

2019 Final Team Standings and Stats

Red 15 12-3 24 160 10.7 64 4.3 +96
Green* 14 10-4 20 122 8.7 41 2.9 +81
Blue 15 9-6 18 115 7.7 106 7.1  +9
Navy* 14 5-9 10 96 6.9 112 8.0  -16
Black* 15 4-11 8 71 4.7 166 11.1 -95
Maroon* 15 4-11 8 71 4.7 146 9.7 -75

* Stats reflect 1-0 forfeit by Navy against Black on July 9, and 1-0 forfeit by Maroon against Green on Aug. 13 (make-up of rained out July 17 game).

2019 Post-Season Tournament Results

First-place (Red) and second-place (Green) regular season finishers received first-round byes.

  • Game #1: Quarterfinals — Monday, Aug. 26: Blue 10 – Maroon 4
  • Game #2: Quarterfinals — Tuesday, Aug. 27: Navy 10 – Black 5
  • Game #3: Semifinals — Thursday, Aug. 29: Green 15 – Blue 6
  • Game #4: Semifinals — Tuesday, Sept. 3: Navy 7 – Red 4
  • Game #5: Finals — Thursday, Sept. 5: Navy 13 – Green 12 (9 innings)

  In Memory & Appreciation

John D. DeLuca, Jr. was the founding commissioner and driving force behind the Lynnfield Men’s Over-40 Softball League for many years of its early existence, as well as being a beloved member of the Green Team. It was his vision to establish a social-based sports endeavor, whereby a bunch of middle-aged guys could have the opportunity to get together outdoors one night a week during the nice weather, whack a ball around for a bit, have some fun, pretend they were athletes again, expand their friendships and network of contacts, and – as Billy Joel sang in “Piano Man” – forget about life for a while.

John’s outgoing personality, perpetual grin, infectious laugh, and sense of humor — combined with his warm and spirited greeting of “Hey, buddy!” to all — made him a natural leader and a friend to virtually everyone he encountered in all corners of his life. This was never more evident than the outpouring of support he received after being diagnosed with leukemia, and the hundreds of people who participated in the subsequent bone marrow drive that was conducted in an attempt to save his life.

John fought a very valiant battle, but ultimately succumbed to this disease on June 21, 2008, at the much too young age of 53.

What he started and tirelessly nurtured for all those years has been bequeathed to all of us to sturdily build on and take forward.

To you from failing hands we throw the torch; be yours to hold it high.