League Contacts & Bylaws

Co-Commissioner: Kevin Geary (Maroon Team) — 978-505-2318 (mobile) or goblue626@gmail.com

Co-Commissioner: Sam White (Red Team) — 508-360-5530 (mobile) or bucs32@gmail.com

Treasurer: Rob Look (Blue Team) — 978-407-0250 (mobile) or robert.lookjr2@gmail.com

Town & Fields Liaison: Sam White (Red Team) — 508-360-5530 (mobile) or bucs32@gmail.com

Communications & Webmaster: John Ricciardone (Red Team) — 978-853-4315 (mobile) or jricciardone@comcast.net

Equipment Manager: Sid Zimmerman (Black Team) – 978-857-8481 (mobile) or sidzimm16727@gmail.com

Commissioner Emeritus: Mike Cuddy (Navy Team) — 914-548-5501 (mobile) or michaelcu@hotmail.com


Bylaws of the Lynnfield Men’s Over-40 Softball League

Lynnfield Men's Over-40 Softball League BylawsTo access the league’s bylaws, click either the thumbnail image to the right, or this link.