2020 Schedule & Game Results

The truncated 10-game 2020 schedule can be accessed either by clicking the thumbnail image to the right, or via this link.  

All league games in 2020 (July 15 through September 18) will be played on the turf men’s softball area that’s part of the lighted Multipurpose Field #3 located behind Lynnfield High School on Essex Street.

Games played in Weeks 1-7 will start at 7 p.m., and the start times for games played in Weeks 8-10 are TBD.

Changes to Published Schedule 

Once the season is underway, any necessary modifications to the posted schedule above  (due to rain outs, field use issues, or other considerations) will be listed here in the “Changes to Published Schedule” section of the website throughout the year.

2020 Game-by-Game Results (click here for Standings)

In the schedule table below, you can change the number of entries to view with the drop-down on the top left, or navigate between screens with the “<Previous Next>” arrows on the bottom right. You can also use the Search function on the top right to search by any of the table fields.

PracticeTuesdayJuly 76:30 PMMultipurpose FieldBlueBlue
PracticeTuesdayJuly 77:30 PMMultipurpose FieldRed Red
PracticeWednesdayJuly 86:30 PMMultipurpose FieldNavyNavy
PracticeWednesdayJuly 87:30 PMMultipurpose FieldGreenGreen
PracticeThursdayJuly 96:30 PMMultipurpose FieldMaroonMaroon
PracticeThursdayJuly 97:30 PMMultipurpose FieldBlackBlack
1WednesdayJuly 157:00 PMMultipurpose FieldGreenBlue
1ThursdayJuly 167:00 PMMultipurpose FieldRedBlack
1FridayJuly 177:00 PMMultipurpose FieldMaroonNavy
2WednesdayJuly 227:00 PMMultipurpose FieldBlackMaroon
2ThursdayJuly 237:00 PMMultipurpose FieldNavyGreen
2FridayJuly 247:00 PMMultipurpose FieldBlueRed
3WednesdayJuly 297:00 PMMultipurpose FieldNavyBlue
3ThursdayJuly 307:00 PMMultipurpose FieldRedMaroon
3FridayJuly 317:00 PMMultipurpose FieldBlackGreen
4WednesdayAugust 57:00 PMMultipurpose FieldGreenRed
4ThursdayAugust 67:00 PMMultipurpose FieldMaroonBlue
4FridayAugust 77:00 PMMultipurpose FieldBlackNavy
5WednesdayAugust 127:00 PMMultipurpose FieldRedNavy
5ThursdayAugust 137:00 PMMultipurpose FieldBlueBlack
5FridayAugust 147:00 PMMultipurpose FieldGreenMaroon
6WednesdayAugust 197:00 PMMultipurpose FieldBlackRed
6ThursdayAugust 207:00 PMMultipurpose FieldNavyMaroon
6FridayAugust 217:00 PMMultipurpose FieldBlueGreen
7WednesdayAugust 267:00 PMMultipurpose FieldGreenNavy
7ThursdayAugust 277:00 PMMultipurpose FieldRedBlue
7FridayAugust 287:00 PMMultipurpose FieldMaroonBlack
8WednesdaySeptember 2TBD*Multipurpose FieldBlueNavy
8ThursdaySeptember 3TBDMultipurpose FieldGreenBlack
8FridaySeptember 4TBDMultipurpose FieldMaroonRed
9WednesdaySeptember 9TBDMultipurpose FieldBlueMaroon
9ThursdaySeptember 10TBDMultipurpose FieldRedGreen
9FridaySeptember 11TBDMultipurpose FieldNavyBlack
10WednesdaySeptember 16TBDMultipurpose FieldMaroonGreen
10ThursdaySeptember 17TBDMultipurpose FieldBlackBlue
10FridaySeptember 18TBDMultipurpose FieldNavyRed