2020 Schedule & Game Results


Red, Green, and Navy are fielding their usual full squads in 2020, but due to either injuries or guys opting out of playing this year, the Black, Blue, and Maroon teams have been combined into a new team — Purple.

Each team will play the others four times each, with the season running from July 22 – October 9.

You can access, download, and print the revised 2020 schedule by clicking on the thumbnail image on the right. 

All league games in 2020 will be played on the turf men’s softball area that’s part of the lighted Multipurpose Field #3 located behind Lynnfield High School on Essex Street. Games will start at 7 p.m., unless noted otherwise on the Home Page.

2020 Game-by-Game Results (click here for Standings)

In the schedule table below, you can change the number of entries to view with the drop-down menu on the top left, or navigate between screens with the “<Previous Next>” arrows on the bottom right. You can also use the Search function on the top right to search by any of the table fields.

1WednesdayJuly 227:00 PMMultipurpose FieldNavyGreen
1ThursdayJuly 237:00 PMMultipurpose FieldRed1Purple2
2WednesdayJuly 297:00 PMMultipurpose FieldGreen1Red7
2ThursdayJuly 307:00 PMMultipurpose FieldPurple2Navy13
3WednesdayAugust 57:00 PMMultipurpose FieldRed7Navy12
3ThursdayAugust 67:00 PMMultipurpose FieldPurple7Green17
4WednesdayAugust 127:00 PMMultipurpose FieldPurple6Red15
4ThursdayAugust 137:00 PMMultipurpose FieldGreen11Navy4
5ThursdayAugust 207:00 PMMultipurpose FieldRed1Green7
5FridayAugust 217:00 PMMultipurpose FieldNavy5Purple4
6WednesdayAugust 267:00 PMMultipurpose FieldGreen2Purple1
6ThursdayAugust 277:00 PMMultipurpose FieldNavy2Red3
7WednesdaySeptember 27:00 PMMultipurpose FieldRed12Purple 5
7ThursdaySeptember 37:00 PMMultipurpose FieldNavy15Green16
8WednesdaySeptember 97:00 PMMultipurpose FieldPurple1Navy16
8ThursdaySeptember 107:00 PMMultipurpose FieldGreen11Red3
9WednesdaySeptember 167:00 PMMultipurpose FieldPurple1Green18
9ThursdaySeptember 177:00 PMMultipurpose FieldRed0Navy13
10WednesdaySeptember 237:00 pmMultipurpose FieldPurple9Red8
10ThursdaySeptember 247:00 pmMultipurpose FieldGreen10Navy7
11WednesdaySeptember 307:00 pmMultipurpose FieldRed0Green
11ThursdayOctober 17:00 pmMultipurpose FieldNavy15Purple8
12WednesdayOctober 77:00 pmMultipurpose FieldGreen5Purple10
12FridayOctober 97:00 pmMultipurpose FieldNavy8Red7