Coaches Corner

This area of the Lynnfield Men’s Over-40 Softball League website is intended to provide all coaches and their assistants with “at-a-glance” information you will need to help you manage your teams and effectively communicate with each other.

Team Contact Information

Team 1 – GreenCoach, Mike Killeen – Mobile: 617-828-2216;; Assistant Coach, Jeff Mullin – Mobile: 978-987-6007;

Team 2 – Black: Coach, Tom Remon – Mobile: 978-821-8111;; Assistant Coach, Mike Conlon – Mobile:

Team 3 – Red: Coach, John Ricciardone – Mobile: 978-853-4315;; Assistant Coach, Sam White – Mobile: 508-360-5530;

Team 4 – Blue: Coach, Chris Wiklund – Mobile: 978-882-1741;; Assistant Coach, Jake Kelly – Mobile: 781-299-1856;  

Team 5 – Maroon: Coach, Roy Benjamin – Mobile: 781-439-8428;; Assistant Coach, Sal Mongiardo – Mobile: 816-885-4849;

Team 6 – Navy: Coach, Mike Cuddy – Mobile: 914-548-5501;; Assistant Coach, Eric Chisholm – Mobile: 781-706-5066; echisholm@yahoo.comAssistant Coach, Eddy Kouyoumdjian – Mobile: 781-844-2711;

League Equipment Manager

Jeff Mullin – Mobile: 978-987-6007;

Housekeeping Duties

Prior to the start of every game, it is the responsibility of the home team coach to provide the umpire assigned to work the game with two (2) new league-supplied softballs, and to also pay the ump ($50 per game) using the league-supplied funds given to the coaches by the Commissioner at the beginning of the season.

Additionally, it is the home team’s responsibility to carry the equipment (bats, bases, home plate, and pitching rubber) from and to the league’s equipment box at the start and end of every game, and to also make certain that the equipment box is securely locked prior to leaving the field at the end of the game.

Reporting of Scores

The coach (or assistant) of the winning team needs to provide the final score to John Ricciardone (“J.R.”) via either email or text. Preferably, this should be done at some point on the night that the game is actually played, but certainly no later than the Friday night of the week of the game in question.

Rainout Procedure & Umpire Contacts

As much as we would all like to have a rainout-free season, chances are that at some point over the course of the 15-week schedule Mother Nature will not cooperate with this desire.

If it has been raining heavily throughout the day of a scheduled game, or for several days in a row prior to a game, or the field conditions are such that playing a game will in any way be hazardous to the safety of all participants (e.g., standing water, massive puddles, very slippery field, etc.), then that night’s game needs to be postponed.

It is the responsibility of both coaches to contact each other in advance to discuss the situation. If they mutually determine that a game cannot be played, then the home team coach needs to contact Lou McGrath, the head of umpires, at 508-328-2714 (mobile), or (use “Lynnfield Men’s Softball Rain Out” as your subject line), no later than 5:30 p.m. for games that start at 6:30 p.m., no later than 6 p.m. for games that start at 7 p.m., and no later than 7 p.m. for games that start at 8 p.m. Both coaches, of course, then need to notify their respective teams of the same decision, plus the Commissioner. A makeup game will then be scheduled.

In the unlikely event you cannot reach Louis McGrath for some reason, please then contact Roy Ballard, supervisor, at 781-223-0378, or, in his absence.

Additionally, in the event of a game postponement, the home team coach needs to notify Joe Maney (Mobile: 781-254-9706; so he can revise the lighting schedule and not run the lights on an empty field.

Once a game has been started, and the weather conditions worsen or become dangerous (high winds, sudden downpour, lightning, etc.), it is the umpire’s decision to pull players off the field and either wait out the situation and continue playing afterwards if safe to do so, or suspend the game at that point if it’s apparent that conditions will not be improving anytime soon.

2022 Field Permits

The Lynnfield Men’s Over-40 Softball League has formal/official 2022 permits secured with the Lynnfield Recreation Commission that grants the league the right to play on both the boys turf baseball diamond (HS4) behind Lynnfield High School on Essex Street from May 10 through June 9, between 6:00-8:00 p.m. (Permit Number 1563), and the adult softball bump-out area on the lighted turf multipurpose field number 3 (HS3) from June 14 through August 26, between 6:00-8:30 p.m. (Permit Number 1587).

To download and print out a copy of either or both of those two 2022 Field Permits, click on the thumbnail images on the right, or on the links above.